Class PrepareHostResponse


public class PrepareHostResponse extends Object
  • Field Details

    • computeServer

      protected ComputeServer computeServer
    • virtualImageLocation

      protected VirtualImageLocation virtualImageLocation
    • options

      protected Map<String,Object> options
    • disableCloudInit

      public Boolean disableCloudInit
      Disables cloud init on the guest OS.
    • disableAutoUpdates

      public Boolean disableAutoUpdates
      Disables guest OS Auto Updates. Auto updates can produce inconsistent results during provision or a backup and restore operation. NOTE: Only supported on OS's using APT package manager.
  • Constructor Details

    • PrepareHostResponse

      public PrepareHostResponse()
  • Method Details

    • getComputeServer

      public ComputeServer getComputeServer()
    • setComputeServer

      public void setComputeServer(ComputeServer computeServer)
    • getVirtualImageLocation

      public VirtualImageLocation getVirtualImageLocation()
    • setVirtualImageLocation

      public void setVirtualImageLocation(VirtualImageLocation virtualImageLocation)
    • getOptions

      public Map<String,Object> getOptions()
    • setOptions

      public void setOptions(Map<String,Object> options)
    • getDisableCloudInit

      public Boolean getDisableCloudInit()
    • setDisableCloudInit

      public void setDisableCloudInit(Boolean disableCloudInit)
    • getDisableAutoUpdates

      public Boolean getDisableAutoUpdates()
    • setDisableAutoUpdates

      public void setDisableAutoUpdates(Boolean disableAutoUpdates)