Interface ClusterTabProvider

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    PluginProvider, UIExtensionProvider
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    public interface ClusterTabProvider
    extends UIExtensionProvider
    Renders tabs within a custom Cluster in Morpheus. This could be useful for providing additional information on a Kubernetes/Docker or KVM Cluster. Say for example some type of Prometheus data could be displayed. this could assist with that.
    • Method Detail

      • renderTemplate

        HTMLResponse renderTemplate​(ComputeServerGroup cluster)
        Cluster details provided to your rendering engine
        cluster - details
        result of rendering a template
      • show

        java.lang.Boolean show​(ComputeServerGroup cluster,
                               User user,
                               Account account)
        Provide logic when tab should be displayed. This logic is checked after permissions are validated.
        cluster - Cluster details
        user - current User details
        account - Account details
        whether the tab should be displayed