Class AccountCertificate

public class AccountCertificate extends AccountCertificateIdentityProjection
References a certificate stores in the morpheus environment. This certificates can be used for SSL/TLS in regards to load balancers.
  • Field Details

    • integrationId

      protected Long integrationId
    • accountId

      protected Long accountId
    • domainName

      protected String domainName
    • category

      protected String category
    • description

      protected String description
    • keyFile

      protected String keyFile
    • certFile

      protected String certFile
    • chainFile

      protected String chainFile
    • certSource

      protected String certSource
    • refType

      protected String refType
    • serialNumber

      protected String serialNumber
    • refId

      protected Long refId
    • certType

      protected String certType
    • certUse

      protected String certUse
    • certRef

      protected String certRef
    • status

      protected String status
    • generated

      protected Boolean generated
    • wildcard

      protected Boolean wildcard
    • internalId

      protected String internalId
    • externalPath

      protected String externalPath
    • uniqueId

      protected String uniqueId
    • parentId

      protected String parentId
    • certSchema

      protected String certSchema
    • fingerprint

      protected String fingerprint
    • keySize

      protected Integer keySize
    • keyAlgorithm

      protected String keyAlgorithm
    • issuedTo

      protected String issuedTo
    • issuedBy

      protected String issuedBy
    • issueDate

      protected Date issueDate
    • expireDate

      protected Date expireDate
    • keyPassphrase

      protected String keyPassphrase
    • certName

      protected String certName
    • commonName

      protected String commonName
    • upnName

      protected String upnName
    • objectName

      protected String objectName
    • selfSigned

      protected Boolean selfSigned
    • enabled

      protected Boolean enabled
    • certLoaded

      protected Boolean certLoaded
    • certAvailable

      protected Boolean certAvailable
    • hasPassphrase

      protected Boolean hasPassphrase
    • rawData

      protected String rawData
    • type

      protected AccountCertificateType type
    • organization

      protected String organization
    • organizationUnit

      protected String organizationUnit
    • city

      protected String city
    • state

      protected String state
    • country

      protected String country
  • Constructor Details

    • AccountCertificate

      public AccountCertificate()
  • Method Details

    • getIntegrationId

      public Long getIntegrationId()
    • setIntegrationId

      public void setIntegrationId(Long integrationId)
    • getAccountId

      public Long getAccountId()
    • setAccountId

      public void setAccountId(Long accountId)
    • getDomainName

      public String getDomainName()
    • setDomainName

      public void setDomainName(String domainName)
    • getCategory

      public String getCategory()
    • setCategory

      public void setCategory(String category)
    • getDescription

      public String getDescription()
    • setDescription

      public void setDescription(String description)
    • getKeyFile

      public String getKeyFile()
    • setKeyFile

      public void setKeyFile(String keyFile)
    • getCertFile

      public String getCertFile()
    • setCertFile

      public void setCertFile(String certFile)
    • getChainFile

      public String getChainFile()
    • setChainFile

      public void setChainFile(String chainFile)
    • getCertSource

      public String getCertSource()
    • setCertSource

      public void setCertSource(String certSource)
    • getRefType

      public String getRefType()
    • setRefType

      public void setRefType(String refType)
    • getSerialNumber

      public String getSerialNumber()
    • setSerialNumber

      public void setSerialNumber(String serialNumber)
    • getRefId

      public Long getRefId()
    • setRefId

      public void setRefId(Long refId)
    • getCertType

      public String getCertType()
    • setCertType

      public void setCertType(String certType)
    • getCertUse

      public String getCertUse()
    • setCertUse

      public void setCertUse(String certUse)
    • getCertRef

      public String getCertRef()
    • setCertRef

      public void setCertRef(String certRef)
    • getStatus

      public String getStatus()
    • setStatus

      public void setStatus(String status)
    • getGenerated

      public Boolean getGenerated()
    • setGenerated

      public void setGenerated(Boolean generated)
    • getWildcard

      public Boolean getWildcard()
    • setWildcard

      public void setWildcard(Boolean wildcard)
    • getInternalId

      public String getInternalId()
    • setInternalId

      public void setInternalId(String internalId)
    • getExternalPath

      public String getExternalPath()
    • setExternalPath

      public void setExternalPath(String externalPath)
    • getUniqueId

      public String getUniqueId()
    • setUniqueId

      public void setUniqueId(String uniqueId)
    • getParentId

      public String getParentId()
    • setParentId

      public void setParentId(String parentId)
    • getCertSchema

      public String getCertSchema()
    • setCertSchema

      public void setCertSchema(String certSchema)
    • getFingerprint

      public String getFingerprint()
    • setFingerprint

      public void setFingerprint(String fingerprint)
    • getKeySize

      public Integer getKeySize()
    • setKeySize

      public void setKeySize(Integer keySize)
    • getKeyAlgorithm

      public String getKeyAlgorithm()
    • setKeyAlgorithm

      public void setKeyAlgorithm(String keyAlgorithm)
    • getIssuedTo

      public String getIssuedTo()
    • setIssuedTo

      public void setIssuedTo(String issuedTo)
    • getIssuedBy

      public String getIssuedBy()
    • setIssuedBy

      public void setIssuedBy(String issuedBy)
    • getIssueDate

      public Date getIssueDate()
    • setIssueDate

      public void setIssueDate(Date issueDate)
    • getExpireDate

      public Date getExpireDate()
    • setExpireDate

      public void setExpireDate(Date expireDate)
    • getKeyPassphrase

      public String getKeyPassphrase()
    • setKeyPassphrase

      public void setKeyPassphrase(String keyPassphrase)
    • getCertName

      public String getCertName()
    • setCertName

      public void setCertName(String certName)
    • getCommonName

      public String getCommonName()
    • setCommonName

      public void setCommonName(String commonName)
    • getUpnName

      public String getUpnName()
    • setUpnName

      public void setUpnName(String upnName)
    • getObjectName

      public String getObjectName()
    • setObjectName

      public void setObjectName(String objectName)
    • getSelfSigned

      public Boolean getSelfSigned()
    • setSelfSigned

      public void setSelfSigned(Boolean selfSigned)
    • getEnabled

      public Boolean getEnabled()
    • setEnabled

      public void setEnabled(Boolean enabled)
    • getCertLoaded

      public Boolean getCertLoaded()
    • setCertLoaded

      public void setCertLoaded(Boolean certLoaded)
    • getCertAvailable

      public Boolean getCertAvailable()
    • setCertAvailable

      public void setCertAvailable(Boolean certAvailable)
    • getHasPassphrase

      public Boolean getHasPassphrase()
    • setHasPassphrase

      public void setHasPassphrase(Boolean hasPassphrase)
    • getRawData

      public String getRawData()
    • setRawData

      public void setRawData(String rawData)
    • getType

      public AccountCertificateType getType()
    • setType

      public void setType(AccountCertificateType type)
    • getOrganization

      public String getOrganization()
    • setOrganization

      public void setOrganization(String organization)
    • getOrganizationUnit

      public String getOrganizationUnit()
    • setOrganizationUnit

      public void setOrganizationUnit(String organizationUnit)
    • getCity

      public String getCity()
    • setCity

      public void setCity(String city)
    • getState

      public String getState()
    • setState

      public void setState(String state)
    • getCountry

      public String getCountry()
    • setCountry

      public void setCountry(String country)