Class ComputeServerType


public class ComputeServerType extends MorpheusModel
Representation of a Morpheus ComputeServerType database object within the Morpheus platform. A ComputeServerType is assigned to any Compute object that may be synced or represented within Morpheus. It could be a Linux vm, Windows vm, Baremetal, or maybe a Docker Host.
  • Field Details

    • name

      protected String name
    • code

      protected String code
    • nodeType

      protected String nodeType
    • description

      protected String description
    • computeService

      protected String computeService
    • vmHypervisor

      protected Boolean vmHypervisor
    • containerHypervisor

      protected Boolean containerHypervisor
    • bareMetalHost

      protected Boolean bareMetalHost
    • guestVm

      protected Boolean guestVm
    • managed

      protected Boolean managed
    • controlPower

      protected Boolean controlPower
    • controlSuspend

      protected Boolean controlSuspend
    • controlEjectCd

      protected Boolean controlEjectCd
    • enabled

      protected Boolean enabled
    • selectable

      protected Boolean selectable
    • creatable

      protected Boolean creatable
    • reconfigureSupported

      protected Boolean reconfigureSupported
    • externalDelete

      protected Boolean externalDelete
    • hasAutomation

      protected Boolean hasAutomation
    • supportsConsoleKeymap

      protected Boolean supportsConsoleKeymap
    • displayOrder

      protected Integer displayOrder
    • managedServerType

      protected String managedServerType
    • agentType

      protected ComputeServerType.AgentType agentType
    • computeTypeCode

      protected String computeTypeCode
    • provisionTypeCode

      protected String provisionTypeCode
    • clusterType

      protected ComputeServerType.ClusterType clusterType
    • optionTypes

      protected Collection<OptionType> optionTypes
    • platform

      protected PlatformType platform
    • containerEngine

      protected ComputeServerType.ContainerEngine containerEngine
  • Constructor Details

    • ComputeServerType

      public ComputeServerType()
  • Method Details

    • getName

      public String getName()
    • setName

      public void setName(String name)
    • getCode

      public String getCode()
    • setCode

      public void setCode(String code)
    • getDescription

      public String getDescription()
    • setDescription

      public void setDescription(String description)
    • getNodeType

      public String getNodeType()
    • setNodeType

      public void setNodeType(String nodeType)
    • getComputeService

      public String getComputeService()
    • setComputeService

      public void setComputeService(String computeService)
    • getVmHypervisor

      public Boolean getVmHypervisor()
    • setVmHypervisor

      public void setVmHypervisor(Boolean vmHypervisor)
    • getContainerHypervisor

      public Boolean getContainerHypervisor()
    • setContainerHypervisor

      public void setContainerHypervisor(Boolean containerHypervisor)
    • getBareMetalHost

      public Boolean getBareMetalHost()
    • setBareMetalHost

      public void setBareMetalHost(Boolean bareMetalHost)
    • getGuestVm

      public Boolean getGuestVm()
    • setGuestVm

      public void setGuestVm(Boolean guestVm)
    • getPlatform

      public PlatformType getPlatform()
    • setPlatform

      public void setPlatform(PlatformType platform)
    • getManaged

      public Boolean getManaged()
    • setManaged

      public void setManaged(Boolean managed)
    • getControlPower

      public Boolean getControlPower()
    • setControlPower

      public void setControlPower(Boolean controlPower)
    • getControlSuspend

      public Boolean getControlSuspend()
    • setControlSuspend

      public void setControlSuspend(Boolean controlSuspend)
    • getEnabled

      public Boolean getEnabled()
    • setEnabled

      public void setEnabled(Boolean enabled)
    • getSelectable

      public Boolean getSelectable()
    • setSelectable

      public void setSelectable(Boolean selectable)
    • getReconfigureSupported

      public Boolean getReconfigureSupported()
    • setReconfigureSupported

      public void setReconfigureSupported(Boolean reconfigureSupported)
    • getExternalDelete

      public Boolean getExternalDelete()
    • setExternalDelete

      public void setExternalDelete(Boolean externalDelete)
    • getHasAutomation

      public Boolean getHasAutomation()
    • setHasAutomation

      public void setHasAutomation(Boolean hasAutomation)
    • getDisplayOrder

      public Integer getDisplayOrder()
    • setDisplayOrder

      public void setDisplayOrder(Integer displayOrder)
    • getOptionTypes

      public Collection<OptionType> getOptionTypes()
    • setOptionTypes

      public void setOptionTypes(Collection<OptionType> optionTypes)
    • getAgentType

      public ComputeServerType.AgentType getAgentType()
    • setAgentType

      public void setAgentType(ComputeServerType.AgentType agentType)
    • getClusterType

      public ComputeServerType.ClusterType getClusterType()
    • setClusterType

      public void setClusterType(ComputeServerType.ClusterType clusterType)
    • getSupportsConsoleKeymap

      public Boolean getSupportsConsoleKeymap()
    • setSupportsConsoleKeymap

      public void setSupportsConsoleKeymap(Boolean supportsConsoleKeymap)
    • getComputeTypeCode

      public String getComputeTypeCode()
    • setComputeTypeCode

      public void setComputeTypeCode(String computeTypeCode)
    • getManagedServerType

      public String getManagedServerType()
    • setManagedServerType

      public void setManagedServerType(String managedServerType)
    • getProvisionTypeCode

      public String getProvisionTypeCode()
    • setProvisionTypeCode

      public void setProvisionTypeCode(String provisionTypeCode)
    • getControlEjectCd

      public Boolean getControlEjectCd()
    • setControlEjectCd

      public void setControlEjectCd(Boolean controlEjectCd)
    • getContainerEngine

      public ComputeServerType.ContainerEngine getContainerEngine()
    • setContainerEngine

      public void setContainerEngine(ComputeServerType.ContainerEngine containerEngine)
    • getCreatable

      public Boolean getCreatable()
    • setCreatable

      public void setCreatable(Boolean creatable)