Class KeyPair

public class KeyPair extends KeyPairIdentityProjection
Key pairs are commonly used by Morpheus for accessing instances via SSH. Morpheus stores key pairs to simplify administration and access across both private and public clouds.
  • Field Details

    • accountId

      protected Long accountId
    • code

      protected String code
    • publicKey

      protected String publicKey
    • privateKey

      protected String privateKey
    • passphrase

      protected String passphrase
    • internalId

      protected String internalId
    • publicFingerprint

      protected String publicFingerprint
    • regionCode

      protected String regionCode
    • scope

      protected String scope
    • refType

      protected String refType
    • refId

      protected String refId
    • refName

      protected String refName
    • uuid

      protected String uuid
  • Constructor Details

    • KeyPair

      public KeyPair()
  • Method Details

    • getAccountId

      public Long getAccountId()
    • setAccountId

      public void setAccountId(Long accountId)
    • getCode

      public String getCode()
    • getPublicKey

      public String getPublicKey()
    • getPrivateKey

      public String getPrivateKey()
    • getPassphrase

      public String getPassphrase()
    • getInternalId

      public String getInternalId()
    • getPublicFingerprint

      public String getPublicFingerprint()
    • setCode

      public void setCode(String code)
    • setPublicKey

      public void setPublicKey(String publicKey)
    • setPrivateKey

      public void setPrivateKey(String privateKey)
    • setPassphrase

      public void setPassphrase(String passphrase)
    • setInternalId

      public void setInternalId(String internalId)
    • setPublicFingerprint

      public void setPublicFingerprint(String publicFingerprint)
    • getRegionCode

      public String getRegionCode()
    • setRegionCode

      public void setRegionCode(String regionCode)
    • getScope

      public String getScope()
    • setScope

      public void setScope(String scope)
    • getRefType

      public String getRefType()
    • setRefType

      public void setRefType(String refType)
    • getRefId

      public String getRefId()
    • setRefId

      public void setRefId(String refId)
    • getRefName

      public String getRefName()
    • setRefName

      public void setRefName(String refName)
    • getUuid

      public String getUuid()
    • setUuid

      public void setUuid(String uuid)
    • toMap

      public Map toMap()
      hash map of the KeyPair properties and values