Class NetworkLoadBalancerPool

public class NetworkLoadBalancerPool extends LoadBalancerPoolIdentityProjection
  • Field Details

    • name

      protected String name
    • createdBy

      protected User createdBy
    • category

      protected String category
    • visibility

      protected String visibility
    • description

      protected String description
    • internalId

      protected String internalId
    • externalId

      protected String externalId
    • enabled

      protected Boolean enabled
    • vipSticky

      protected String vipSticky
    • vipBalance

      protected String vipBalance
    • allowNat

      protected Boolean allowNat
    • allowSnat

      protected Boolean allowSnat
    • vipClientIpMode

      protected String vipClientIpMode
    • vipServerIpMode

      protected String vipServerIpMode
    • minActive

      protected Integer minActive
    • minInService

      protected Integer minInService
    • minUpMonitor

      protected String minUpMonitor
    • minUpAction

      protected String minUpAction
    • maxQueueDepth

      protected Integer maxQueueDepth
    • maxQueueTime

      protected Integer maxQueueTime
    • extraConfig

      protected String extraConfig
    • numberActive

      protected Integer numberActive
    • numberInService

      protected Integer numberInService
    • healthScore

      protected Float healthScore
    • performanceScore

      protected Float performanceScore
    • healthPenalty

      protected Float healthPenalty
    • securityPenalty

      protected Float securityPenalty
    • errorPenalty

      protected Float errorPenalty
    • downAction

      protected String downAction
    • rampTime

      protected Integer rampTime
    • port

      protected Integer port
    • portType

      protected String portType
    • partition

      protected String partition
    • dateCreated

      protected Date dateCreated
    • lastUpdated

      protected Date lastUpdated
    • status

      protected String status
    • statusMessage

      protected String statusMessage
    • statusDate

      protected Date statusDate
    • loadBalancer

      protected NetworkLoadBalancer loadBalancer
    • assignedZonePools

      protected List<CloudPool> assignedZonePools
    • nodes

      protected List<NetworkLoadBalancerNode> nodes
    • monitors

      protected List<NetworkLoadBalancerMonitor> monitors
    • members

      protected List<NetworkLoadBalancerMember> members
  • Constructor Details

    • NetworkLoadBalancerPool

      public NetworkLoadBalancerPool()
  • Method Details

    • getName

      public String getName()
      getName in class LoadBalancerPoolIdentityProjection
    • setName

      public void setName(String name)
      setName in class LoadBalancerPoolIdentityProjection
    • getCreatedBy

      public User getCreatedBy()
    • setCreatedBy

      public void setCreatedBy(User createdBy)
    • getCategory

      public String getCategory()
    • setCategory

      public void setCategory(String category)
    • getVisibility

      public String getVisibility()
    • setVisibility

      public void setVisibility(String visibility)
    • getDescription

      public String getDescription()
      getDescription in class LoadBalancerPoolIdentityProjection
    • setDescription

      public void setDescription(String description)
      setDescription in class LoadBalancerPoolIdentityProjection
    • getInternalId

      public String getInternalId()
    • setInternalId

      public void setInternalId(String internalId)
    • getExternalId

      public String getExternalId()
      Description copied from class: LoadBalancerPoolIdentityProjection
      returns the externalId also known as the API id of the equivalent object.
      getExternalId in class LoadBalancerPoolIdentityProjection
      the external id or API id of the current record
    • setExternalId

      public void setExternalId(String externalId)
      setExternalId in class LoadBalancerPoolIdentityProjection
    • getEnabled

      public Boolean getEnabled()
    • setEnabled

      public void setEnabled(Boolean enabled)
    • getVipSticky

      public String getVipSticky()
    • setVipSticky

      public void setVipSticky(String vipSticky)
    • getVipBalance

      public String getVipBalance()
    • setVipBalance

      public void setVipBalance(String vipBalance)
    • getAllowNat

      public Boolean getAllowNat()
    • setAllowNat

      public void setAllowNat(Boolean allowNat)
    • getAllowSnat

      public Boolean getAllowSnat()
    • setAllowSnat

      public void setAllowSnat(Boolean allowSnat)
    • getVipClientIpMode

      public String getVipClientIpMode()
    • setVipClientIpMode

      public void setVipClientIpMode(String vipClientIpMode)
    • getVipServerIpMode

      public String getVipServerIpMode()
    • setVipServerIpMode

      public void setVipServerIpMode(String vipServerIpMode)
    • getMinActive

      public Integer getMinActive()
    • setMinActive

      public void setMinActive(Integer minActive)
    • getMinInService

      public Integer getMinInService()
    • setMinInService

      public void setMinInService(Integer minInService)
    • getMinUpMonitor

      public String getMinUpMonitor()
    • setMinUpMonitor

      public void setMinUpMonitor(String minUpMonitor)
    • getMinUpAction

      public String getMinUpAction()
    • setMinUpAction

      public void setMinUpAction(String minUpAction)
    • getMaxQueueDepth

      public Integer getMaxQueueDepth()
    • setMaxQueueDepth

      public void setMaxQueueDepth(Integer maxQueueDepth)
    • getMaxQueueTime

      public Integer getMaxQueueTime()
    • setMaxQueueTime

      public void setMaxQueueTime(Integer maxQueueTime)
    • getExtraConfig

      public String getExtraConfig()
    • setExtraConfig

      public void setExtraConfig(String extraConfig)
    • getNumberActive

      public Integer getNumberActive()
    • setNumberActive

      public void setNumberActive(Integer numberActive)
    • getNumberInService

      public Integer getNumberInService()
    • setNumberInService

      public void setNumberInService(Integer numberInService)
    • getHealthScore

      public Float getHealthScore()
    • setHealthScore

      public void setHealthScore(Float healthScore)
    • getPerformanceScore

      public Float getPerformanceScore()
    • setPerformanceScore

      public void setPerformanceScore(Float performanceScore)
    • getHealthPenalty

      public Float getHealthPenalty()
    • setHealthPenalty

      public void setHealthPenalty(Float healthPenalty)
    • getSecurityPenalty

      public Float getSecurityPenalty()
    • setSecurityPenalty

      public void setSecurityPenalty(Float securityPenalty)
    • getErrorPenalty

      public Float getErrorPenalty()
    • setErrorPenalty

      public void setErrorPenalty(Float errorPenalty)
    • getDownAction

      public String getDownAction()
    • setDownAction

      public void setDownAction(String downAction)
    • getRampTime

      public Integer getRampTime()
    • setRampTime

      public void setRampTime(Integer rampTime)
    • getPort

      public Integer getPort()
    • setPort

      public void setPort(Integer port)
    • getPortType

      public String getPortType()
    • setPortType

      public void setPortType(String portType)
    • getPartition

      public String getPartition()
      getPartition in class LoadBalancerPoolIdentityProjection
    • setPartition

      public void setPartition(String partition)
      setPartition in class LoadBalancerPoolIdentityProjection
    • getDateCreated

      public Date getDateCreated()
    • setDateCreated

      public void setDateCreated(Date dateCreated)
    • getLastUpdated

      public Date getLastUpdated()
    • setLastUpdated

      public void setLastUpdated(Date lastUpdated)
    • getStatus

      public String getStatus()
    • setStatus

      public void setStatus(String status)
    • getStatusMessage

      public String getStatusMessage()
    • setStatusMessage

      public void setStatusMessage(String statusMessage)
    • getStatusDate

      public Date getStatusDate()
    • setStatusDate

      public void setStatusDate(Date statusDate)
    • getLoadBalancer

      public NetworkLoadBalancer getLoadBalancer()
    • setLoadBalancer

      public void setLoadBalancer(NetworkLoadBalancer loadBalancer)
    • getAssignedZonePools

      public List<CloudPool> getAssignedZonePools()
    • setAssignedZonePools

      public void setAssignedZonePools(List<CloudPool> assignedZonePools)
    • getNodes

      public List<NetworkLoadBalancerNode> getNodes()
    • setNodes

      public void setNodes(List<NetworkLoadBalancerNode> nodes)
    • getMonitors

      public List<NetworkLoadBalancerMonitor> getMonitors()
    • setMonitors

      public void setMonitors(List<NetworkLoadBalancerMonitor> monitors)
    • getMembers

      public List<NetworkLoadBalancerMember> getMembers()
    • setMembers

      public void setMembers(List<NetworkLoadBalancerMember> members)