Class Policy

public class Policy extends MorpheusModel
Represents a Policy from the PolicyService that affects governance within Morpheus. These could be naming policies or max vm, max network, max memory type policies. Information specific to the specific policy is stored in the MorpheusModel.getConfigMap().
  • Field Details

    • name

      protected String name
    • description

      protected String description
    • policyType

      protected PolicyType policyType
    • refType

      protected String refType
    • refId

      protected Long refId
    • enabled

      protected Boolean enabled
    • eachUser

      protected Boolean eachUser
    • allAccounts

      protected Boolean allAccounts
  • Constructor Details

    • Policy

      public Policy()
  • Method Details

    • getName

      public String getName()
    • getDescription

      public String getDescription()
    • setName

      public void setName(String name)
    • setDescription

      public void setDescription(String description)
    • getPolicyType

      public PolicyType getPolicyType()
    • setPolicyType

      public void setPolicyType(PolicyType policyType)
    • getRefType

      public String getRefType()
    • setRefType

      public void setRefType(String refType)
    • getRefId

      public Long getRefId()
    • setRefId

      public void setRefId(Long refId)
    • getEnabled

      public Boolean getEnabled()
    • setEnabled

      public void setEnabled(Boolean enabled)
    • getEachUser

      public Boolean getEachUser()
    • setEachUser

      public void setEachUser(Boolean eachUser)
    • getAllAccounts

      public Boolean getAllAccounts()
    • setAllAccounts

      public void setAllAccounts(Boolean allAccounts)