Class TaskResult


public class TaskResult extends Object
Result of task execution. These results are displayed in the Morpheus task execution UI
  • Field Details

    • success

      public Boolean success
      whether the task execution was successful or not
    • data

      public Object data
      the input data supplied to the task
    • output

      public String output
      optional task output
    • exitCode

      public String exitCode
      exit status of the process
    • msg

      public String msg
      description of the execution result
    • error

      public String error
      error message
    • results

      public List results
      In the event that a Task has subtasks, one or more result objects may be returned
    • customOptions

      public Map customOptions
      custom options derived from the Task OptionTypes
  • Constructor Details

    • TaskResult

      public TaskResult()
  • Method Details

    • toMap

      public Map toMap()
      hash map of TaskResult properties and values
    • getSuccess

      public Boolean getSuccess()
    • setSuccess

      public void setSuccess(Boolean success)
    • getData

      public Object getData()
    • setData

      public void setData(Object data)
    • getOutput

      public String getOutput()
    • setOutput

      public void setOutput(String output)
    • getExitCode

      public String getExitCode()
    • setExitCode

      public void setExitCode(String exitCode)
    • getMsg

      public String getMsg()
    • setMsg

      public void setMsg(String msg)
    • getError

      public String getError()
    • setError

      public void setError(String error)
    • getResults

      public List getResults()
    • setResults

      public void setResults(List results)
    • getCustomOptions

      public Map getCustomOptions()
    • setCustomOptions

      public void setCustomOptions(Map customOptions)