Class AppProvisionResponse


public class AppProvisionResponse extends Object
Results of running a App
  • Field Details

    • success

      public Boolean success
      Indicates if the provision was successful
    • instanceFinalizeList

      public List<Long> instanceFinalizeList
      A list of instance ids to finalize
    • failedInstances

      public Map<Long,String> failedInstances
      A map of instance ids that failed to provision. Each entry is an instance id (key) and a failure message (value)
    • installAgent

      public Boolean installAgent
      Indicates if the agent should be installed on the server by Morpheus. Setting this to false does not necessarily mean that the agent will not be installed as it may be installed via cloudinit.
    • noAgent

      public Boolean noAgent
      Agent will not be installed in any way.. don't wait for it
    • hostname

      public String hostname
      Set to the hostname of the ComputeServer (optional)
    • message

      public String message
      When an error occurs, set the error message here
  • Constructor Details

    • AppProvisionResponse

      public AppProvisionResponse()
  • Method Details

    • setError

      public void setError(String message)