Class DynamicTemplateLoader

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    public class DynamicTemplateLoader
    extends java.lang.Object
    Based on CompositeTemplateLoader Provides a way to delegate template lookups to all registered plugins
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      Constructor Description
      DynamicTemplateLoader​( loaders)
      Creates a new CompositeTemplateLoader.
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      void addTemplateLoader​( loader)  
      java.nio.charset.Charset getCharset()  
      java.lang.String getPrefix()  
      java.lang.String getSuffix()  
      java.lang.Iterable<> getTemplateLoaders()
      Returns the delegates template loaders.
      void removeTemplateLoader​( loader)  
      java.lang.String resolve​(java.lang.String location)  
      void setCharset​(java.nio.charset.Charset charset)  
      void setPrefix​(java.lang.String prefix)  
      void setSuffix​(java.lang.String suffix) sourceAt​(java.lang.String location)  
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    • Constructor Detail

      • DynamicTemplateLoader

        public DynamicTemplateLoader​( loaders)
        Creates a new CompositeTemplateLoader.
        loaders - The template loader chain. At least two loaders must be provided.
    • Method Detail

      • sourceAt

        public sourceAt​(java.lang.String location)
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        sourceAt in interface
      • resolve

        public java.lang.String resolve​(java.lang.String location)
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        resolve in interface
      • getPrefix

        public java.lang.String getPrefix()
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        getPrefix in interface
      • getSuffix

        public java.lang.String getSuffix()
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        getSuffix in interface
      • setPrefix

        public void setPrefix​(java.lang.String prefix)
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        setPrefix in interface
      • setSuffix

        public void setSuffix​(java.lang.String suffix)
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        setSuffix in interface
      • setCharset

        public void setCharset​(java.nio.charset.Charset charset)
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        setCharset in interface
      • getCharset

        public java.nio.charset.Charset getCharset()
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        getCharset in interface
      • getTemplateLoaders

        public java.lang.Iterable<> getTemplateLoaders()
        Returns the delegates template loaders.
        The delegates template loaders.
      • addTemplateLoader

        public void addTemplateLoader​( loader)
      • removeTemplateLoader

        public void removeTemplateLoader​( loader)