Class Account

All Implemented Interfaces:

public class Account extends MorpheusModel implements AccountIdentity
Represents the Tenant within Morpheus. This is often an id based association but in some cases may contain all info. This mostly occurs with providers that might benefit from the information. For example, UI Extensions or report generators may want this information to affect render or permission.
  • Field Details

    • name

      protected String name
    • description

      protected String description
    • conf

      protected String conf
    • externalId

      protected String externalId
    • dateCreated

      protected Date dateCreated
    • lastUpdated

      protected Date lastUpdated
    • subdomain

      protected String subdomain
    • apiKey

      protected String apiKey
    • parentAccount

      protected Account parentAccount
    • masterPassword

      protected String masterPassword
    • active

      protected Boolean active
    • masterAccount

      protected Boolean masterAccount
    • currency

      protected String currency
    • whiteLabelEnabled

      protected Boolean whiteLabelEnabled
    • impersonateEnabled

      protected Boolean impersonateEnabled
    • headerBgColor

      protected String headerBgColor
    • headerFgColor

      protected String headerFgColor
    • primaryButtonBgColor

      protected String primaryButtonBgColor
    • primaryButtonFgColor

      protected String primaryButtonFgColor
    • primaryButtonHoverBgColor

      protected String primaryButtonHoverBgColor
    • primaryButtonHoverFgColor

      protected String primaryButtonHoverFgColor
    • loginBgColor

      protected String loginBgColor
    • footerBgColor

      protected String footerBgColor
    • footerFgColor

      protected String footerFgColor
    • overrideCss

      protected String overrideCss
    • masterKey

      protected String masterKey
    • confs

      protected Map confs
    • disableSupportMenu

      protected Boolean disableSupportMenu
    • customerNumber

      protected String customerNumber
    • accountNumber

      protected String accountNumber
    • accountName

      protected String accountName
  • Constructor Details

    • Account

      public Account()
  • Method Details

    • getName

      public String getName()
      Specified by:
      getName in interface AccountIdentity
    • setName

      public void setName(String name)
    • getDescription

      public String getDescription()
    • setDescription

      public void setDescription(String description)
    • getConf

      public String getConf()
    • setConf

      public void setConf(String conf)
    • getExternalId

      public String getExternalId()
    • setExternalId

      public void setExternalId(String externalId)
    • getDateCreated

      public Date getDateCreated()
    • setDateCreated

      public void setDateCreated(Date dateCreated)
    • getLastUpdated

      public Date getLastUpdated()
    • setLastUpdated

      public void setLastUpdated(Date lastUpdated)
    • getSubdomain

      public String getSubdomain()
    • setSubdomain

      public void setSubdomain(String subdomain)
    • getApiKey

      public String getApiKey()
    • setApiKey

      public void setApiKey(String apiKey)
    • getParentAccount

      public Account getParentAccount()
    • setParentAccount

      public void setParentAccount(Account parentAccount)
    • getMasterPassword

      public String getMasterPassword()
    • setMasterPassword

      public void setMasterPassword(String masterPassword)
    • getActive

      public Boolean getActive()
      Specified by:
      getActive in interface AccountIdentity
    • setActive

      public void setActive(Boolean active)
    • getMasterAccount

      public Boolean getMasterAccount()
      Specified by:
      getMasterAccount in interface AccountIdentity
    • setMasterAccount

      public void setMasterAccount(Boolean masterAccount)
    • getCurrency

      public String getCurrency()
    • setCurrency

      public void setCurrency(String currency)
    • getWhiteLabelEnabled

      public Boolean getWhiteLabelEnabled()
    • setWhiteLabelEnabled

      public void setWhiteLabelEnabled(Boolean whiteLabelEnabled)
    • getImpersonateEnabled

      public Boolean getImpersonateEnabled()
    • setImpersonateEnabled

      public void setImpersonateEnabled(Boolean impersonateEnabled)
    • getHeaderBgColor

      public String getHeaderBgColor()
    • setHeaderBgColor

      public void setHeaderBgColor(String headerBgColor)
    • getHeaderFgColor

      public String getHeaderFgColor()
    • setHeaderFgColor

      public void setHeaderFgColor(String headerFgColor)
    • getNavBgColor

      public String getNavBgColor()
    • setNavBgColor

      public void setNavBgColor(String navBgColor)
    • getNavFgColor

      public String getNavFgColor()
    • setNavFgColor

      public void setNavFgColor(String navFgColor)
    • getNavHoverColor

      public String getNavHoverColor()
    • setNavHoverColor

      public void setNavHoverColor(String navHoverColor)
    • getPrimaryButtonBgColor

      public String getPrimaryButtonBgColor()
    • setPrimaryButtonBgColor

      public void setPrimaryButtonBgColor(String primaryButtonBgColor)
    • getPrimaryButtonFgColor

      public String getPrimaryButtonFgColor()
    • setPrimaryButtonFgColor

      public void setPrimaryButtonFgColor(String primaryButtonFgColor)
    • getPrimaryButtonHoverBgColor

      public String getPrimaryButtonHoverBgColor()
    • setPrimaryButtonHoverBgColor

      public void setPrimaryButtonHoverBgColor(String primaryButtonHoverBgColor)
    • getPrimaryButtonHoverFgColor

      public String getPrimaryButtonHoverFgColor()
    • setPrimaryButtonHoverFgColor

      public void setPrimaryButtonHoverFgColor(String primaryButtonHoverFgColor)
    • getLoginBgColor

      public String getLoginBgColor()
    • setLoginBgColor

      public void setLoginBgColor(String loginBgColor)
    • getFooterBgColor

      public String getFooterBgColor()
    • setFooterBgColor

      public void setFooterBgColor(String footerBgColor)
    • getFooterFgColor

      public String getFooterFgColor()
    • setFooterFgColor

      public void setFooterFgColor(String footerFgColor)
    • getOverrideCss

      public String getOverrideCss()
    • setOverrideCss

      public void setOverrideCss(String overrideCss)
    • getMasterKey

      public String getMasterKey()
    • setMasterKey

      public void setMasterKey(String masterKey)
    • getConfs

      public Map getConfs()
    • setConfs

      public void setConfs(Map confs)
    • getDisableSupportMenu

      public Boolean getDisableSupportMenu()
    • setDisableSupportMenu

      public void setDisableSupportMenu(Boolean disableSupportMenu)
    • getSupportMenuLinks

      public String getSupportMenuLinks()
    • setSupportMenuLinks

      public void setSupportMenuLinks(String supportMenuLinks)
    • getCustomerNumber

      public String getCustomerNumber()
    • setCustomerNumber

      public void setCustomerNumber(String customerNumber)
    • getAccountNumber

      public String getAccountNumber()
    • setAccountNumber

      public void setAccountNumber(String accountNumber)
    • getAccountName

      public String getAccountName()
    • setAccountName

      public void setAccountName(String accountName)