Class BackupRestore


public class BackupRestore extends MorpheusModel
  • Field Details

    • account

      protected Account account
      Account scope
    • backupId

      protected Long backupId
      ID of the backup associated to the backup result
    • backupResultId

      protected String backupResultId
      ID of the Backup result used for restore
    • dateCreated

      protected Date dateCreated
      Date of creation
    • lastUpdated

      protected Date lastUpdated
      Date of last update
    • startDate

      protected Date startDate
      Date restore was started
    • endDate

      protected Date endDate
      Date restore ended
    • duration

      protected Long duration
      Duration of the restore process in milliseconds
    • status

      protected String status
      Current status of the restore BackupStatusUtility
    • externalId

      protected String externalId
      External ID of the restore process. Usually a task ID on the external system.
    • externalStatusRef

      protected String externalStatusRef
      Reference to the external status. Useful in systems where the restore process does not contain details about the restored workload.
    • errorMessage

      protected String errorMessage
      Error message of a failed restore
    • containerId

      protected Long containerId
      Restore target container (workload) ID
    • restoreToNew

      protected Boolean restoreToNew
      Restore to a new workload
  • Constructor Details

    • BackupRestore

      public BackupRestore()
  • Method Details

    • getAccount

      public Account getAccount()
    • setAccount

      public void setAccount(Account account)
    • getBackupResultId

      public String getBackupResultId()
    • setBackupResultId

      public void setBackupResultId(String backupResultId)
    • getDateCreated

      public Date getDateCreated()
    • setDateCreated

      public void setDateCreated(Date dateCreated)
    • getLastUpdated

      public Date getLastUpdated()
    • setLastUpdated

      public void setLastUpdated(Date lastUpdated)
    • getStartDate

      public Date getStartDate()
    • setStartDate

      public void setStartDate(Date startDate)
    • getEndDate

      public Date getEndDate()
    • setEndDate

      public void setEndDate(Date endDate)
    • getDuration

      public Long getDuration()
    • setDuration

      public void setDuration(Long duration)
    • getStatus

      public String getStatus()
    • setStatus

      public void setStatus(String status)
    • getExternalId

      public String getExternalId()
    • setExternalId

      public void setExternalId(String externalId)
    • getExternalStatusRef

      public String getExternalStatusRef()
    • setExternalStatusRef

      public void setExternalStatusRef(String externalStatusRef)
    • getErrorMessage

      public String getErrorMessage()
    • setErrorMessage

      public void setErrorMessage(String errorMessage)
    • getBackupId

      public Long getBackupId()
    • setBackupId

      public void setBackupId(Long backupId)
    • getContainerId

      public Long getContainerId()
    • setContainerId

      public void setContainerId(Long containerId)
    • getRestoreToNew

      public Boolean getRestoreToNew()
    • setRestoreToNew

      public void setRestoreToNew(Boolean restoreToNew)