Class NetworkPoolServer


public class NetworkPoolServer extends MorpheusModel
Represents an instance of an IPAM integration server. This integration type contains status fields, connection information as well as a reference to a cloned AccountIntegration class for the type of pool server. There are also some special properties on pool server instances for use in controlling behavior of an IPAMProvider
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  • Field Details

    • name

      protected String name
    • description

      protected String description
    • internalId

      protected String internalId
    • externalId

      protected String externalId
    • serviceUrl

      protected String serviceUrl
    • ignoreSsl

      protected Boolean ignoreSsl
    • serviceHost

      protected String serviceHost
    • servicePort

      protected Integer servicePort
    • serviceMode

      protected String serviceMode
    • serviceUsername

      protected String serviceUsername
    • servicePassword

      protected String servicePassword
    • serviceThrottleRate

      protected Long serviceThrottleRate
    • apiPort

      protected Integer apiPort
    • adminPort

      protected Integer adminPort
    • status

      protected String status
    • statusMessage

      protected String statusMessage
    • networkFilter

      protected String networkFilter
    • zoneFilter

      protected String zoneFilter
    • tenantMatch

      protected String tenantMatch
    • enabled

      protected Boolean enabled
    • statusDate

      protected Date statusDate
    • dateCreated

      protected Date dateCreated
    • lastUpdated

      protected Date lastUpdated
    • type

      protected NetworkPoolServerType type
    • integration

      protected AccountIntegration integration
    • account

      protected Account account
    • credentialData

      protected Map credentialData
    • credentialLoaded

      protected Boolean credentialLoaded
  • Constructor Details

    • NetworkPoolServer

      public NetworkPoolServer()
  • Method Details

    • setAccountId

      public void setAccountId(Long id)
    • getName

      public String getName()
    • getDescription

      public String getDescription()
    • getInternalId

      public String getInternalId()
    • getExternalId

      public String getExternalId()
    • getServiceUrl

      public String getServiceUrl()
    • getIgnoreSsl

      public Boolean getIgnoreSsl()
    • getServiceHost

      public String getServiceHost()
    • getServicePort

      public Integer getServicePort()
    • getServiceMode

      public String getServiceMode()
    • getServiceUsername

      public String getServiceUsername()
    • getServicePassword

      public String getServicePassword()
    • getApiPort

      public Integer getApiPort()
    • getAdminPort

      public Integer getAdminPort()
    • getStatus

      public String getStatus()
    • getStatusMessage

      public String getStatusMessage()
    • getNetworkFilter

      public String getNetworkFilter()
    • getZoneFilter

      public String getZoneFilter()
    • getTenantMatch

      public String getTenantMatch()
    • getEnabled

      public Boolean getEnabled()
    • getStatusDate

      public Date getStatusDate()
    • getDateCreated

      public Date getDateCreated()
    • getLastUpdated

      public Date getLastUpdated()
    • getType

      public NetworkPoolServerType getType()
    • getIntegration

      public AccountIntegration getIntegration()
    • getAccount

      public Account getAccount()
    • setName

      public void setName(String name)
    • setDescription

      public void setDescription(String description)
    • setInternalId

      public void setInternalId(String internalId)
    • setExternalId

      public void setExternalId(String externalId)
    • setServiceUrl

      public void setServiceUrl(String serviceUrl)
    • setIgnoreSsl

      public void setIgnoreSsl(Boolean ignoreSsl)
    • setServiceHost

      public void setServiceHost(String serviceHost)
    • setServicePort

      public void setServicePort(Integer servicePort)
    • setServiceMode

      public void setServiceMode(String serviceMode)
    • setServiceUsername

      public void setServiceUsername(String serviceUsername)
    • setServicePassword

      public void setServicePassword(String servicePassword)
    • setApiPort

      public void setApiPort(Integer apiPort)
    • setAdminPort

      public void setAdminPort(Integer adminPort)
    • setStatus

      public void setStatus(String status)
    • setStatusMessage

      public void setStatusMessage(String statusMessage)
    • setNetworkFilter

      public void setNetworkFilter(String networkFilter)
    • setZoneFilter

      public void setZoneFilter(String zoneFilter)
    • setTenantMatch

      public void setTenantMatch(String tenantMatch)
    • setEnabled

      public void setEnabled(Boolean enabled)
    • setStatusDate

      public void setStatusDate(Date statusDate)
    • setDateCreated

      public void setDateCreated(Date dateCreated)
    • setLastUpdated

      public void setLastUpdated(Date lastUpdated)
    • setType

      public void setType(NetworkPoolServerType type)
    • setIntegration

      public void setIntegration(AccountIntegration integration)
    • setAccount

      public void setAccount(Account account)
    • getServiceThrottleRate

      public Long getServiceThrottleRate()
    • setServiceThrottleRate

      public void setServiceThrottleRate(Long serviceThrottleRate)
    • getCredentialData

      public Map getCredentialData()
    • setCredentialData

      public void setCredentialData(Map credentialData)
    • getCredentialLoaded

      public Boolean getCredentialLoaded()
    • setCredentialLoaded

      public void setCredentialLoaded(Boolean credentialLoaded)