Class SecurityGroupLocation

  • public class SecurityGroupLocation
    extends SecurityGroupLocationIdentityProjection
    Represents a SecurityGroup for a specific location (usually a Cloud as referenced by the refId and refType). Typical Cloud sync logic will compare the Cloud's security group information with the Morpheus SecurityGroupLocations as obtained when refId == and refType == 'ComputeZone'. If a match is not found, a new SecurityGroup and SecurityGroupLocation is, typically, created.
    • Field Detail

      • code

        protected java.lang.String code
      • groupName

        protected java.lang.String groupName
      • groupRegion

        protected java.lang.String groupRegion
      • groupSource

        protected java.lang.String groupSource
      • description

        protected java.lang.String description
      • externalType

        protected java.lang.String externalType
      • ruleHash

        protected java.lang.String ruleHash
      • visibility

        protected java.lang.String visibility
      • defaultLocation

        protected java.lang.Boolean defaultLocation
      • network

        protected Network network
      • internalId

        protected java.lang.String internalId
      • refType

        protected java.lang.String refType
      • refId

        protected java.lang.Long refId
      • subRefType

        protected java.lang.String subRefType
      • subRefId

        protected java.lang.Long subRefId
      • iacId

        protected java.lang.String iacId
      • uniqueId

        protected java.lang.String uniqueId
      • providerId

        protected java.lang.String providerId
      • scopeId

        protected java.lang.String scopeId
      • scopeModel

        protected java.lang.String scopeModel
      • rawData

        protected java.lang.String rawData
      • priority

        protected java.lang.Integer priority
      • groupLayer

        protected java.lang.String groupLayer
    • Constructor Detail

      • SecurityGroupLocation

        public SecurityGroupLocation()
    • Method Detail

      • getCode

        public java.lang.String getCode()
      • setCode

        public void setCode​(java.lang.String code)
      • getGroupName

        public java.lang.String getGroupName()
      • setGroupName

        public void setGroupName​(java.lang.String groupName)
      • getGroupRegion

        public java.lang.String getGroupRegion()
      • setGroupRegion

        public void setGroupRegion​(java.lang.String groupRegion)
      • getGroupSource

        public java.lang.String getGroupSource()
      • setGroupSource

        public void setGroupSource​(java.lang.String groupSource)
      • getDescription

        public java.lang.String getDescription()
      • setDescription

        public void setDescription​(java.lang.String description)
      • getExternalType

        public java.lang.String getExternalType()
      • setExternalType

        public void setExternalType​(java.lang.String externalType)
      • getRuleHash

        public java.lang.String getRuleHash()
      • setRuleHash

        public void setRuleHash​(java.lang.String ruleHash)
      • getVisibility

        public java.lang.String getVisibility()
      • setVisibility

        public void setVisibility​(java.lang.String visibility)
      • getDefaultLocation

        public java.lang.Boolean getDefaultLocation()
      • setDefaultLocation

        public void setDefaultLocation​(java.lang.Boolean defaultLocation)
      • setNetworkServer

        public void setNetworkServer​(NetworkServer networkServer)
      • getNetwork

        public Network getNetwork()
      • setNetwork

        public void setNetwork​(Network network)
      • getInternalId

        public java.lang.String getInternalId()
      • setInternalId

        public void setInternalId​(java.lang.String internalId)
      • getRefType

        public java.lang.String getRefType()
      • setRefType

        public void setRefType​(java.lang.String refType)
      • getSubRefType

        public java.lang.String getSubRefType()
      • setSubRefType

        public void setSubRefType​(java.lang.String subRefType)
      • getSubRefId

        public java.lang.Long getSubRefId()
      • setSubRefId

        public void setSubRefId​(java.lang.Long subRefId)
      • getIacId

        public java.lang.String getIacId()
      • setIacId

        public void setIacId​(java.lang.String iacId)
      • getUniqueId

        public java.lang.String getUniqueId()
      • setUniqueId

        public void setUniqueId​(java.lang.String uniqueId)
      • getProviderId

        public java.lang.String getProviderId()
      • setProviderId

        public void setProviderId​(java.lang.String providerId)
      • getScopeId

        public java.lang.String getScopeId()
      • setScopeId

        public void setScopeId​(java.lang.String scopeId)
      • getScopeModel

        public java.lang.String getScopeModel()
      • setScopeModel

        public void setScopeModel​(java.lang.String scopeModel)
      • getRawData

        public java.lang.String getRawData()
      • setRawData

        public void setRawData​(java.lang.String rawData)
      • getPriority

        public java.lang.Integer getPriority()
      • setPriority

        public void setPriority​(java.lang.Integer priority)
      • getGroupLayer

        public java.lang.String getGroupLayer()
      • setGroupLayer

        public void setGroupLayer​(java.lang.String groupLayer)