Class ProvisionResponse

Direct Known Subclasses:
HostResponse, WorkloadResponse

public class ProvisionResponse extends Object
Results of running a Workload
  • Field Details

    • unattendCustomized

      public Boolean unattendCustomized
      Set to true when a Windows server was deployed and the image is syspreped or the unattend was customized
    • externalId

      public String externalId
      The id of the created server
    • publicIp

      public String publicIp
      The public ip address of the created server
    • privateIp

      public String privateIp
      The private ip address of the created server
    • installAgent

      public Boolean installAgent
      Indicates if the agent should be installed on the server by Morpheus. Setting this to false does not necessarily mean that the agent will not be installed as it may be installed via cloudinit.
    • noAgent

      public Boolean noAgent
      Agent will not be installed in any way.. don't wait for it
    • createUsers

      public List<UserConfiguration> createUsers
      The list of users for Morpheus to create on the ComputeServer
    • success

      public Boolean success
      Indicates if the provision was successful
    • customized

      public Boolean customized
      Set to true when network customizations were performed
    • licenseApplied

      public Boolean licenseApplied
      Was the (windows) license applied during customization outside of normal flow. Not Morpheus license.. windows license
    • poolId

      public Long poolId
    • hostname

      public String hostname
      Set to the hostname of the ComputeServer (optional)
    • message

      public String message
      When an error occurs, set the error message here
    • skipNetworkWait

      public Boolean skipNetworkWait
      Wait for the network to become active on the ComputeServer before finalizing
  • Constructor Details

    • ProvisionResponse

      public ProvisionResponse()
  • Method Details

    • setError

      public void setError(String message)