Class Workload

public class Workload extends WorkloadIdentityProjection
Represents a workload running in morpheus. This is also known internally to morpheus as a Container object but due to the expansion of where this model is used (the context), it has been renamed in the public api as a Workload
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  • Field Details

    • account

      protected Account account
    • uuid

      protected String uuid
    • privateNetworking

      protected Boolean privateNetworking
    • userData

      protected String userData
    • internalName

      protected String internalName
    • displayName

      protected String displayName
    • category

      protected String category
    • apiKey

      protected String apiKey
    • dateCreated

      protected Date dateCreated
    • lastUpdated

      protected Date lastUpdated
    • statsEnabled

      protected Boolean statsEnabled
    • status

      protected Workload.Status status
    • statusMessage

      protected String statusMessage
    • errorMessage

      protected String errorMessage
    • userStatus

      protected String userStatus
    • environmentPrefix

      protected String environmentPrefix
    • lastStats

      protected String lastStats
    • configs

      protected String configs
    • rawData

      protected String rawData
    • runtimeInfo

      protected String runtimeInfo
    • containerVersion

      protected String containerVersion
    • repositoryImage

      protected String repositoryImage
    • planCategory

      protected String planCategory
    • hostname

      protected String hostname
    • domainName

      protected String domainName
    • volumeCreated

      protected Boolean volumeCreated
    • containerCreated

      protected Boolean containerCreated
    • maxStorage

      protected Long maxStorage
    • maxMemory

      protected Long maxMemory
    • maxCores

      protected Long maxCores
    • coresPerSocket

      protected Long coresPerSocket
    • maxCpu

      protected Long maxCpu
    • usedStorage

      protected Long usedStorage
    • usedMemory

      protected Long usedMemory
    • usedCpu

      protected Float usedCpu
    • provisionTime

      protected Long provisionTime
    • configGroup

      protected String configGroup
    • configId

      protected String configId
    • configRole

      protected String configRole
    • configSettings

      protected String configSettings
    • configTags

      protected String configTags
    • inventoryExternalRef

      protected String inventoryExternalRef
    • inventoryServiceId

      protected Long inventoryServiceId
    • changeManagementExtId

      protected String changeManagementExtId
    • changeManagementServiceId

      protected Long changeManagementServiceId
    • internalIp

      protected String internalIp
    • externalIp

      protected String externalIp
    • internalId

      protected String internalId
    • uniqueId

      protected String uniqueId
    • controlId

      protected String controlId
    • monitorId

      protected String monitorId
    • serviceId

      protected String serviceId
    • deploymentId

      protected String deploymentId
    • iacId

      protected String iacId
    • specType

      protected String specType
    • specId

      protected String specId
    • resourceLevel

      protected String resourceLevel
    • hourlyPrice

      protected Double hourlyPrice
    • hourlyCost

      protected Double hourlyCost
    • runningMultiplier

      protected Double runningMultiplier
    • runningPrice

      protected Double runningPrice
    • runningCost

      protected Double runningCost
    • serviceUrls

      protected String serviceUrls
    • inService

      protected Boolean inService
    • itemSource

      protected String itemSource
    • managed

      protected Boolean managed
    • server

      protected ComputeServer server
    • plan

      protected ServicePlan plan
    • computeZonePool

      protected CloudPool computeZonePool
    • instance

      protected Instance instance
    • network

      protected Network network
    • workloadType

      protected WorkloadType workloadType
    • workloadTypeSet

      protected WorkloadTypeSet workloadTypeSet
    • subnet

      protected NetworkSubnet subnet
  • Constructor Details

    • Workload

      public Workload()
  • Method Details

    • getUuid

      public String getUuid()
    • setUuid

      public void setUuid(String uuid)
    • getServer

      public ComputeServer getServer()
    • setServer

      public void setServer(ComputeServer server)
    • getPlan

      public ServicePlan getPlan()
    • setPlan

      public void setPlan(ServicePlan plan)
    • getCloudPool

      public CloudPool getCloudPool()
    • setCloudPool

      public void setCloudPool(CloudPool cloudPool)
    • getPrivateNetworking

      public Boolean getPrivateNetworking()
    • setPrivateNetworking

      public void setPrivateNetworking(Boolean privateNetworking)
    • getUserData

      public String getUserData()
    • setUserData

      public void setUserData(String userData)
    • getAccount

      public Account getAccount()
    • setAccount

      public void setAccount(Account account)
    • getInstance

      public Instance getInstance()
    • setInstance

      public void setInstance(Instance instance)
    • getInternalName

      public String getInternalName()
    • setInternalName

      public void setInternalName(String internalName)
    • getDisplayName

      public String getDisplayName()
    • setDisplayName

      public void setDisplayName(String displayName)
    • getCategory

      public String getCategory()
    • setCategory

      public void setCategory(String category)
    • getApiKey

      public String getApiKey()
    • setApiKey

      public void setApiKey(String apiKey)
    • getDateCreated

      public Date getDateCreated()
    • setDateCreated

      public void setDateCreated(Date dateCreated)
    • getLastUpdated

      public Date getLastUpdated()
    • setLastUpdated

      public void setLastUpdated(Date lastUpdated)
    • getStatsEnabled

      public Boolean getStatsEnabled()
    • setStatsEnabled

      public void setStatsEnabled(Boolean statsEnabled)
    • getStatus

      public Workload.Status getStatus()
    • setStatus

      public void setStatus(Workload.Status status)
    • getStatusMessage

      public String getStatusMessage()
    • setStatusMessage

      public void setStatusMessage(String statusMessage)
    • getErrorMessage

      public String getErrorMessage()
    • setErrorMessage

      public void setErrorMessage(String errorMessage)
    • getUserStatus

      public String getUserStatus()
    • setUserStatus

      public void setUserStatus(String userStatus)
    • getEnvironmentPrefix

      public String getEnvironmentPrefix()
    • setEnvironmentPrefix

      public void setEnvironmentPrefix(String environmentPrefix)
    • getLastStats

      public String getLastStats()
    • setLastStats

      public void setLastStats(String lastStats)
    • getConfigs

      public String getConfigs()
    • setConfigs

      public void setConfigs(String configs)
    • getConfigMap

      public Map getConfigMap()
      getConfigMap in class MorpheusModel
    • setConfigMap

      public void setConfigMap(Map<String,Object> map) throws com.fasterxml.jackson.core.JsonProcessingException
      setConfigMap in class MorpheusModel
    • getRawData

      public String getRawData()
    • setRawData

      public void setRawData(String rawData)
    • getRuntimeInfo

      public String getRuntimeInfo()
    • setRuntimeInfo

      public void setRuntimeInfo(String runtimeInfo)
    • getContainerVersion

      public String getContainerVersion()
    • setContainerVersion

      public void setContainerVersion(String containerVersion)
    • getRepositoryImage

      public String getRepositoryImage()
    • setRepositoryImage

      public void setRepositoryImage(String repositoryImage)
    • getPlanCategory

      public String getPlanCategory()
    • setPlanCategory

      public void setPlanCategory(String planCategory)
    • getHostname

      public String getHostname()
    • setHostname

      public void setHostname(String hostname)
    • getDomainName

      public String getDomainName()
    • setDomainName

      public void setDomainName(String domainName)
    • getVolumeCreated

      public Boolean getVolumeCreated()
    • setVolumeCreated

      public void setVolumeCreated(Boolean volumeCreated)
    • getContainerCreated

      public Boolean getContainerCreated()
    • setContainerCreated

      public void setContainerCreated(Boolean containerCreated)
    • getMaxStorage

      public Long getMaxStorage()
    • setMaxStorage

      public void setMaxStorage(Long maxStorage)
    • getMaxMemory

      public Long getMaxMemory()
    • setMaxMemory

      public void setMaxMemory(Long maxMemory)
    • getMaxCores

      public Long getMaxCores()
    • setMaxCores

      public void setMaxCores(Long maxCores)
    • getCoresPerSocket

      public Long getCoresPerSocket()
    • setCoresPerSocket

      public void setCoresPerSocket(Long coresPerSocket)
    • getMaxCpu

      public Long getMaxCpu()
    • setMaxCpu

      public void setMaxCpu(Long maxCpu)
    • getUsedStorage

      public Long getUsedStorage()
    • setUsedStorage

      public void setUsedStorage(Long usedStorage)
    • getUsedMemory

      public Long getUsedMemory()
    • setUsedMemory

      public void setUsedMemory(Long usedMemory)
    • getUsedCpu

      public Float getUsedCpu()
    • setUsedCpu

      public void setUsedCpu(Float usedCpu)
    • getProvisionTime

      public Long getProvisionTime()
    • setProvisionTime

      public void setProvisionTime(Long provisionTime)
    • getNetwork

      public Network getNetwork()
    • setNetwork

      public void setNetwork(Network network)
    • getWorkloadType

      public WorkloadType getWorkloadType()
    • setWorkloadType

      public void setWorkloadType(WorkloadType workloadType)
    • getWorkloadTypeSet

      public WorkloadTypeSet getWorkloadTypeSet()
    • setWorkloadTypeSet

      public void setWorkloadTypeSet(WorkloadTypeSet workloadTypeSet)
    • getConfigGroup

      public String getConfigGroup()
    • setConfigGroup

      public void setConfigGroup(String configGroup)
    • getConfigId

      public String getConfigId()
    • setConfigId

      public void setConfigId(String configId)
    • getConfigRole

      public String getConfigRole()
    • setConfigRole

      public void setConfigRole(String configRole)
    • getConfigSettings

      public String getConfigSettings()
    • setConfigSettings

      public void setConfigSettings(String configSettings)
    • getConfigTags

      public String getConfigTags()
    • setConfigTags

      public void setConfigTags(String configTags)
    • getInventoryExternalRef

      public String getInventoryExternalRef()
    • setInventoryExternalRef

      public void setInventoryExternalRef(String inventoryExternalRef)
    • getInventoryServiceId

      public Long getInventoryServiceId()
    • setInventoryServiceId

      public void setInventoryServiceId(Long inventoryServiceId)
    • getChangeManagementExtId

      public String getChangeManagementExtId()
    • setChangeManagementExtId

      public void setChangeManagementExtId(String changeManagementExtId)
    • getChangeManagementServiceId

      public Long getChangeManagementServiceId()
    • setChangeManagementServiceId

      public void setChangeManagementServiceId(Long changeManagementServiceId)
    • getInternalIp

      public String getInternalIp()
    • setInternalIp

      public void setInternalIp(String internalIp)
    • getExternalIp

      public String getExternalIp()
    • setExternalIp

      public void setExternalIp(String externalIp)
    • getInternalId

      public String getInternalId()
    • setInternalId

      public void setInternalId(String internalId)
    • getUniqueId

      public String getUniqueId()
    • setUniqueId

      public void setUniqueId(String uniqueId)
    • getControlId

      public String getControlId()
    • setControlId

      public void setControlId(String controlId)
    • getMonitorId

      public String getMonitorId()
    • setMonitorId

      public void setMonitorId(String monitorId)
    • getServiceId

      public String getServiceId()
    • setServiceId

      public void setServiceId(String serviceId)
    • getDeploymentId

      public String getDeploymentId()
    • setDeploymentId

      public void setDeploymentId(String deploymentId)
    • getIacId

      public String getIacId()
    • setIacId

      public void setIacId(String iacId)
    • getSpecType

      public String getSpecType()
    • setSpecType

      public void setSpecType(String specType)
    • getSpecId

      public String getSpecId()
    • setSpecId

      public void setSpecId(String specId)
    • getResourceLevel

      public String getResourceLevel()
    • setResourceLevel

      public void setResourceLevel(String resourceLevel)
    • getHourlyPrice

      public Double getHourlyPrice()
    • setHourlyPrice

      public void setHourlyPrice(Double hourlyPrice)
    • getHourlyCost

      public Double getHourlyCost()
    • setHourlyCost

      public void setHourlyCost(Double hourlyCost)
    • getRunningMultiplier

      public Double getRunningMultiplier()
    • setRunningMultiplier

      public void setRunningMultiplier(Double runningMultiplier)
    • getRunningPrice

      public Double getRunningPrice()
    • setRunningPrice

      public void setRunningPrice(Double runningPrice)
    • getRunningCost

      public Double getRunningCost()
    • setRunningCost

      public void setRunningCost(Double runningCost)
    • getServiceUrls

      public String getServiceUrls()
    • setServiceUrls

      public void setServiceUrls(String serviceUrls)
    • getInService

      public Boolean getInService()
    • setInService

      public void setInService(Boolean inService)
    • getItemSource

      public String getItemSource()
    • setItemSource

      public void setItemSource(String itemSource)
    • getManaged

      public Boolean getManaged()
    • setManaged

      public void setManaged(Boolean managed)
    • getSubnet

      public NetworkSubnet getSubnet()
    • setSubnet

      public void setSubnet(NetworkSubnet subnet)
    • getName

      public String getName()
    • getComputeZonePool

      public CloudPool getComputeZonePool()
    • setComputeZonePool

      public void setComputeZonePool(CloudPool computeZonePool)