Interface GlobalUIComponentProvider

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PluginProvider, UIExtensionProvider
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public interface GlobalUIComponentProvider extends UIExtensionProvider
This provider creates a means to render global components into the main layout of Morpheus. This could be a global chat component or other type of overlay code that one might want to run throughout the entire application render lifecycle. It extends the common UIExtensionProvider which allows for extending available content security policies as well as defining the type of renderer being used.
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  • Method Details

    • show

      Boolean show(User user, Account account)
      Provides logic to check for when this global ui component should be displayed
      user - current User details
      account - Account details
      whether the component should be displayed
    • renderTemplate

      HTMLResponse renderTemplate(User user, Account account)
      The renderer for the global UI Component. This is typically rendered into the footer of the main layout. This is useful for rendering common components like a global support chat.
      user - The current user the page is being rendered for.
      account - The current account the page is being rendered for.
      result of rendering a template