Interface MorpheusBackupProviderService

  • public interface MorpheusBackupProviderService
    Context methods for dealing with BackupProvider in Morpheus
    • Method Detail

      • getType

        MorpheusBackupProviderTypeService getType()
        Returns the MorpheusBackupProviderTypeContext used for performing updates/queries on BackupProviderType related assets within Morpheus.
        An instance of the BackupProviderTypeContext to be used for calls by various backup providers
      • listById

        io.reactivex.Observable<BackupProvider> listById​(java.util.Collection<java.lang.Long> ids)
        Lists all BackupProvider objects by a list of Identifiers. This is commonly used in sync / caching logic.
        ids - list of BackupProvider ids to fetch.
        an RxJava Observable stream of BackupProvider objects for subscription.
      • updateStatus

        io.reactivex.Single<java.lang.Boolean> updateStatus​(BackupProvider backupProvider,
                                                            java.lang.String status,
                                                            java.lang.String message)
        Save a status update to a backup provider
        backupProvider - backup provider to update
        status - status to be set on the backup provider
        message - additional context for the current status. Useful in the case of adding details for an error or warning status.