Class DataFilter<T>

Direct Known Subclasses:
DataAndFilter, DataOrFilter

public class DataFilter<T> extends Object
A filter representation when building complex filters for DataQuery within a MorpheusDataService. Filters can be combined with AND or OR operations (by default AND operations). To create nested conditional expressions take advantage of the DataAndFilter or the DataOrFilter

Note: For examples on how to use these filters, please refer to the documentation on the DataQuery class.

  • Field Details


      public static String DEFAULT_OPERATOR
    • name

      public String name
      The Property name we are comparing the value against
    • operator

      public String operator
      The operator being used for comparison (i.e. =,!=,:,=~,<,<=,>,>=,in)
    • value

      public T value
      The value to check the property value against as it relates to the operator
  • Constructor Details

    • DataFilter

      public DataFilter()
    • DataFilter

      public DataFilter(String name, T value)
    • DataFilter

      public DataFilter(String name, String operator, T value)