Class AbstractCloudCostingProvider

All Implemented Interfaces:
CloudCostingProvider, PluginProvider, UIExtensionProvider

public abstract class AbstractCloudCostingProvider extends Object implements CloudCostingProvider
Morpheus provides a way to generate monthly invoices based on resources in a Cloud. For most On-Prem clouds this is handled automatically as the Morpheus Usage/Metering engine automatically tracks usage and applies Standard Costing invoices based on the price tables imported. However, when dealing with external public clouds, the source of usage truth is the cloud and not Morpheus. Therefore, to provide accurate costing data for the end user, that data needs imported from the third party cloud. Amazon, for example creates a CUR report file in S3. Azure provides thirteen million different APIs depending on your account type. The following abstract adds the default render of Handlebars Java for server side rendering of a summary snippet if used.
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      public AbstractCloudCostingProvider()
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