Interface CloudCostingProvider

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PluginProvider, UIExtensionProvider
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public interface CloudCostingProvider extends UIExtensionProvider
Morpheus provides a way to generate monthly invoices based on resources in a Cloud. For most On-Prem clouds this is handled automatically as the Morpheus Usage/Metering engine automatically tracks usage and applies Standard Costing invoices based on the price tables imported. However, when dealing with external public clouds, the source of usage truth is the cloud and not Morpheus. Therefore, to provide accurate costing data for the end user, that data needs imported from the third party cloud. Amazon, for example creates a CUR report file in S3. Azure provides thirteen million different APIs depending on your account type.
  • Method Details

    • refreshDailyZoneCosting

      void refreshDailyZoneCosting(Cloud cloud, Date costDate, CloudCostingProvider.CloudRefreshOptions opts)
      The primary method that needs implemented for syncing in pricing data. This is called nightly by Morpheus to update costing data.
      cloud - the current cloud object with costing data we will be refreshing
      costDate - the current costing date of the run. This is important if regenerating data from a previous billing period
      opts - Any custom refresh options that may be passed by the manual refresh trigger
    • renderTemplate

      default HTMLResponse renderTemplate(Cloud cloud)
      The render method for rendering Costing Summary information on the Costing section. By default there is already some generalized costing data shown and this is an optional snippet that can be added.
      cloud - details of the current cloud
      result of rendering a template
    • show

      default Boolean show(Cloud cloud, User user, Account account)
      Provide logic when costing cloud summary should be displayed. This logic is checked after permissions are validated.
      cloud - Cloud details
      user - current User details
      account - Account details
      whether the tab should be displayed