Class Cloud

public class Cloud extends CloudIdentityProjection
Integrations or connections to public, private, hybrid clouds, or bare metal servers
  • Field Details

    • account

      protected Account account
    • description

      protected String description
    • owner

      protected Account owner
    • visibility

      protected String visibility
    • location

      protected String location
    • timezone

      protected String timezone
    • cloudType

      public CloudType cloudType
    • hasNativeSecurityGroups

      protected Boolean hasNativeSecurityGroups
    • dateCreated

      protected Date dateCreated
    • lastUpdated

      protected Date lastUpdated
    • autoCapacity

      protected Boolean autoCapacity
    • serviceUrl

      protected String serviceUrl
    • serviceUsername

      protected String serviceUsername
    • servicePassword

      protected String servicePassword
    • servicePath

      protected String servicePath
    • serviceToken

      protected String serviceToken
    • serviceVersion

      protected String serviceVersion
    • autoCapacityType

      protected String autoCapacityType
    • autoCapacityConfig

      protected String autoCapacityConfig
    • autoCapacityPrefix

      protected String autoCapacityPrefix
    • autoCapacityThreshold

      protected Integer autoCapacityThreshold
    • networkDomain

      protected NetworkDomain networkDomain
    • apiProxy

      protected NetworkProxy apiProxy
    • provisioningProxy

      protected NetworkProxy provisioningProxy
    • applianceUrlProxyBypass

      protected Boolean applianceUrlProxyBypass
    • authRealm

      protected String authRealm
    • autoCapacityMax

      protected Long autoCapacityMax
    • scalePriority

      protected Long scalePriority
    • autoCapacityInProgress

      protected Boolean autoCapacityInProgress
    • firewallEnabled

      protected Boolean firewallEnabled
    • enabled

      protected Boolean enabled
    • status

      protected Cloud.Status status
    • statusMessage

      protected String statusMessage
    • statusDate

      protected Date statusDate
    • errorMessage

      protected String errorMessage
    • regionCode

      protected String regionCode
    • agentMode

      protected String agentMode
    • datacenterId

      protected String datacenterId
    • userDataLinux

      protected String userDataLinux
    • userDataWindows

      protected String userDataWindows
    • reservedMemory

      protected Double reservedMemory
    • provisionPercent

      protected Double provisionPercent
    • costAdjustment

      protected Double costAdjustment
    • deleted

      protected Boolean deleted
    • guidanceMode

      protected String guidanceMode
    • costingMode

      protected String costingMode
    • costStatus

      protected String costStatus
    • costStatusMessage

      protected String costStatusMessage
    • inventoryLevel

      protected String inventoryLevel
    • lastSync

      protected Date lastSync
    • nextRunDate

      protected Date nextRunDate
    • lastSyncDuration

      protected Long lastSyncDuration
    • containerMode

      protected String containerMode
    • storageMode

      protected String storageMode
    • securityMode

      protected String securityMode
    • securityServer

      protected NetworkSecurityServer securityServer
    • networkSecurityMode

      protected String networkSecurityMode
    • networkServer

      protected NetworkServer networkServer
    • type

      protected CloudType type
    • backupMode

      protected String backupMode
    • backupProvider

      public BackupProvider backupProvider
    • kvmEnabled

      protected Boolean kvmEnabled
    • dockerEnabled

      protected Boolean dockerEnabled
    • nativeEnabled

      protected Boolean nativeEnabled
    • autoRecoverPowerState

      protected Boolean autoRecoverPowerState
    • consoleKeymap

      protected String consoleKeymap
    • externalId

      protected String externalId
    • internalId

      protected String internalId
    • linkedAccountId

      protected String linkedAccountId
    • iacId

      protected String iacId
    • uuid

      protected String uuid
    • noProxy

      protected String noProxy
    • accountCredentialData

      protected Map accountCredentialData
    • accountCredentialLoaded

      protected Boolean accountCredentialLoaded
  • Constructor Details

    • Cloud

      public Cloud()
  • Method Details

    • getAccount

      public Account getAccount()
      Morpheus Account
      Account the account for the Cloud
    • getDescription

      public String getDescription()
      A text description of this Cloud
      String the description
    • getOwner

      public Account getOwner()
    • getVisibility

      public String getVisibility()
    • getLocation

      public String getLocation()
    • getTimezone

      public String getTimezone()
    • getCloudType

      public CloudType getCloudType()
    • getHasNativeSecurityGroups

      public Boolean getHasNativeSecurityGroups()
    • getDateCreated

      public Date getDateCreated()
    • getLastUpdated

      public Date getLastUpdated()
    • getAutoCapacity

      public Boolean getAutoCapacity()
    • getServiceUrl

      public String getServiceUrl()
    • getServiceUsername

      public String getServiceUsername()
    • getServicePassword

      public String getServicePassword()
    • getServicePath

      public String getServicePath()
    • getServiceToken

      public String getServiceToken()
    • getServiceVersion

      public String getServiceVersion()
    • getAutoCapacityType

      public String getAutoCapacityType()
    • getAutoCapacityConfig

      public String getAutoCapacityConfig()
    • getAutoCapacityPrefix

      public String getAutoCapacityPrefix()
    • getAutoCapacityThreshold

      public Integer getAutoCapacityThreshold()
    • getNetworkDomain

      public NetworkDomain getNetworkDomain()
    • getApiProxy

      public NetworkProxy getApiProxy()
    • getProvisioningProxy

      public NetworkProxy getProvisioningProxy()
    • getApplianceUrlProxyBypass

      public Boolean getApplianceUrlProxyBypass()
    • getAuthRealm

      public String getAuthRealm()
    • getAutoCapacityMax

      public Long getAutoCapacityMax()
    • getScalePriority

      public Long getScalePriority()
    • getAutoCapacityInProgress

      public Boolean getAutoCapacityInProgress()
    • getFirewallEnabled

      public Boolean getFirewallEnabled()
    • getEnabled

      public Boolean getEnabled()
    • getStatus

      public Cloud.Status getStatus()
    • getStatusMessage

      public String getStatusMessage()
    • getStatusDate

      public Date getStatusDate()
    • getErrorMessage

      public String getErrorMessage()
    • getRegionCode

      public String getRegionCode()
    • getAgentMode

      public String getAgentMode()
    • getDatacenterId

      public String getDatacenterId()
    • getUserDataLinux

      public String getUserDataLinux()
    • getUserDataWindows

      public String getUserDataWindows()
    • getReservedMemory

      public Double getReservedMemory()
    • getProvisionPercent

      public Double getProvisionPercent()
    • getCostAdjustment

      public Double getCostAdjustment()
    • getDeleted

      public Boolean getDeleted()
    • getGuidanceMode

      public String getGuidanceMode()
    • getCostingMode

      public String getCostingMode()
    • getCostStatus

      public String getCostStatus()
    • getCostStatusMessage

      public String getCostStatusMessage()
    • getInventoryLevel

      public String getInventoryLevel()
    • getLastSync

      public Date getLastSync()
    • getNextRunDate

      public Date getNextRunDate()
    • getLastSyncDuration

      public Long getLastSyncDuration()
    • getContainerMode

      public String getContainerMode()
    • getStorageMode

      public String getStorageMode()
    • getSecurityMode

      public String getSecurityMode()
    • getSecurityServer

      public NetworkSecurityServer getSecurityServer()
    • getNetworkSecurityMode

      public String getNetworkSecurityMode()
    • getBackupMode

      public String getBackupMode()
    • getBackupProvider

      public BackupProvider getBackupProvider()
    • getKvmEnabled

      public Boolean getKvmEnabled()
    • getDockerEnabled

      public Boolean getDockerEnabled()
    • getNativeEnabled

      public Boolean getNativeEnabled()
    • getAutoRecoverPowerState

      public Boolean getAutoRecoverPowerState()
    • getConsoleKeymap

      public String getConsoleKeymap()
    • getExternalId

      public String getExternalId()
    • getInternalId

      public String getInternalId()
    • getIacId

      public String getIacId()
    • getUuid

      public String getUuid()
    • getNoProxy

      public String getNoProxy()
    • getAccountCredentialLoaded

      public Boolean getAccountCredentialLoaded()
      Indicates if the AccountCredential associated with this Cloud has been loaded. This is a non-persisted property and used by Cloud consumers to indicate if the AccountCredential needs to be loaded via a context
    • setAccountCredentialLoaded

      public void setAccountCredentialLoaded(Boolean accountCredentialLoaded)
    • getAccountCredentialData

      public Map getAccountCredentialData()
      The associates with this Cloud. This is a non-persisted property and not set when obtain from Morpheus. Typically this is set by Providers via calls to MorpheusCloudService.loadCredentials or MorpheusAccountCredentialService.loadCredentialConfig. After obtaining the value, one call setAccountCredentialLoaded(true) to indicate that any credential information has been loaded
      Map of the credential data
    • setAccountCredentialData

      public void setAccountCredentialData(Map accountCredentialData)
    • getNetworkServer

      public NetworkServer getNetworkServer()
    • setNetworkServer

      public void setNetworkServer(NetworkServer networkServer)
    • getLinkedAccountId

      public String getLinkedAccountId()
    • setLinkedAccountId

      public void setLinkedAccountId(String linkedAccountId)
    • setAccount

      public void setAccount(Account account)
    • setDescription

      public void setDescription(String description)
    • setOwner

      public void setOwner(Account owner)
    • setVisibility

      public void setVisibility(String visibility)
    • setLocation

      public void setLocation(String location)
    • setTimezone

      public void setTimezone(String timezone)
    • setCloudType

      public void setCloudType(CloudType cloudType)
    • setHasNativeSecurityGroups

      public void setHasNativeSecurityGroups(Boolean hasNativeSecurityGroups)
    • setDateCreated

      public void setDateCreated(Date dateCreated)
    • setLastUpdated

      public void setLastUpdated(Date lastUpdated)
    • setAutoCapacity

      public void setAutoCapacity(Boolean autoCapacity)
    • setServiceUrl

      public void setServiceUrl(String serviceUrl)
    • setServiceUsername

      public void setServiceUsername(String serviceUsername)
    • setServicePassword

      public void setServicePassword(String servicePassword)
    • setServicePath

      public void setServicePath(String servicePath)
    • setServiceToken

      public void setServiceToken(String serviceToken)
    • setServiceVersion

      public void setServiceVersion(String serviceVersion)
    • setAutoCapacityType

      public void setAutoCapacityType(String autoCapacityType)
    • setAutoCapacityConfig

      public void setAutoCapacityConfig(String autoCapacityConfig)
    • setAutoCapacityPrefix

      public void setAutoCapacityPrefix(String autoCapacityPrefix)
    • setAutoCapacityThreshold

      public void setAutoCapacityThreshold(Integer autoCapacityThreshold)
    • setNetworkDomain

      public void setNetworkDomain(NetworkDomain networkDomain)
    • setApiProxy

      public void setApiProxy(NetworkProxy apiProxy)
    • setProvisioningProxy

      public void setProvisioningProxy(NetworkProxy provisioningProxy)
    • setApplianceUrlProxyBypass

      public void setApplianceUrlProxyBypass(Boolean applianceUrlProxyBypass)
    • setAuthRealm

      public void setAuthRealm(String authRealm)
    • setAutoCapacityMax

      public void setAutoCapacityMax(Long autoCapacityMax)
    • setScalePriority

      public void setScalePriority(Long scalePriority)
    • setAutoCapacityInProgress

      public void setAutoCapacityInProgress(Boolean autoCapacityInProgress)
    • setFirewallEnabled

      public void setFirewallEnabled(Boolean firewallEnabled)
    • setEnabled

      public void setEnabled(Boolean enabled)
    • setStatus

      public void setStatus(Cloud.Status status)
    • setStatusMessage

      public void setStatusMessage(String statusMessage)
    • setStatusDate

      public void setStatusDate(Date statusDate)
    • setErrorMessage

      public void setErrorMessage(String errorMessage)
    • setRegionCode

      public void setRegionCode(String regionCode)
    • setAgentMode

      public void setAgentMode(String agentMode)
    • setDatacenterId

      public void setDatacenterId(String datacenterId)
    • setUserDataLinux

      public void setUserDataLinux(String userDataLinux)
    • setUserDataWindows

      public void setUserDataWindows(String userDataWindows)
    • setReservedMemory

      public void setReservedMemory(Double reservedMemory)
    • setProvisionPercent

      public void setProvisionPercent(Double provisionPercent)
    • setCostAdjustment

      public void setCostAdjustment(Double costAdjustment)
    • setDeleted

      public void setDeleted(Boolean deleted)
    • setGuidanceMode

      public void setGuidanceMode(String guidanceMode)
    • setCostingMode

      public void setCostingMode(String costingMode)
    • setCostStatus

      public void setCostStatus(String costStatus)
    • setCostStatusMessage

      public void setCostStatusMessage(String costStatusMessage)
    • setInventoryLevel

      public void setInventoryLevel(String inventoryLevel)
    • setLastSync

      public void setLastSync(Date lastSync)
    • setNextRunDate

      public void setNextRunDate(Date nextRunDate)
    • setLastSyncDuration

      public void setLastSyncDuration(Long lastSyncDuration)
    • setContainerMode

      public void setContainerMode(String containerMode)
    • setStorageMode

      public void setStorageMode(String storageMode)
    • setSecurityMode

      public void setSecurityMode(String securityMode)
    • setSecurityServer

      public void setSecurityServer(NetworkSecurityServer securityServer)
    • setNetworkSecurityMode

      public void setNetworkSecurityMode(String networkSecurityMode)
    • setBackupMode

      public void setBackupMode(String backupMode)
    • setBackupProvider

      public void setBackupProvider(BackupProvider backupProvider)
    • setKvmEnabled

      public void setKvmEnabled(Boolean kvmEnabled)
    • setDockerEnabled

      public void setDockerEnabled(Boolean dockerEnabled)
    • setNativeEnabled

      public void setNativeEnabled(Boolean nativeEnabled)
    • setAutoRecoverPowerState

      public void setAutoRecoverPowerState(Boolean autoRecoverPowerState)
    • setConsoleKeymap

      public void setConsoleKeymap(String consoleKeymap)
    • setExternalId

      public void setExternalId(String externalId)
    • setInternalId

      public void setInternalId(String internalId)
    • setIacId

      public void setIacId(String iacId)
    • setUuid

      public void setUuid(String uuid)
    • setNoProxy

      public void setNoProxy(String noProxy)
    • getType

      public CloudType getType()
    • setType

      public void setType(CloudType type)