Class SyncList<Existing,Master>

Type Parameters:
Existing - The Class Object of the existing items
Master - The Class Object of the master items

public class SyncList<Existing,Master> extends Object
This Utility Class provides a way to determine compare a 'master' list of items to an 'existing' list of items. The comparison results in a list master items that need to be added, a list of items that need to be updated, and a list of existing items that need to be removed.


 MatchFunction matchFunction1 = (VirtualImage v, Map m) ->
     return ==;

 SyncList<VirtualImage,Map> syncList = new SyncList(matchFunction1);
 SyncResult syncResult = syncList.buildSyncLists(existingItems, masterItems);
 System.out.println("Items to add: " + syncResult.addList.size());
 System.out.println("Items to update: " + syncResult.updateList.size());
 System.out.println("Items to remove: " + syncResult.removeList.size());