Class NetworkLoadBalancerInstance

public class NetworkLoadBalancerInstance extends LoadBalancerInstanceIdentityProjection
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  • Constructor Details

    • NetworkLoadBalancerInstance

      public NetworkLoadBalancerInstance()
  • Method Details

    • getHolder

      public Map<String,Object> getHolder()
    • setHolder

      public void setHolder(Map<String,Object> map)
    • getInstance

      public Instance getInstance()
    • setInstance

      public void setInstance(Instance instance)
    • getServerGroup

      public ComputeServerGroup getServerGroup()
    • setServerGroup

      public void setServerGroup(ComputeServerGroup serverGroup)
    • getDescription

      public String getDescription()
    • setDescription

      public void setDescription(String description)
    • getInternalId

      public String getInternalId()
    • setInternalId

      public void setInternalId(String internalId)
    • getExternalId

      public String getExternalId()
      Description copied from class: LoadBalancerInstanceIdentityProjection
      returns the externalId also known as the API id of the equivalent object.
      getExternalId in class LoadBalancerInstanceIdentityProjection
      the external id or API id of the current record
    • setExternalId

      public void setExternalId(String externalId)
      setExternalId in class LoadBalancerInstanceIdentityProjection
    • getDateCreated

      public Date getDateCreated()
    • setDateCreated

      public void setDateCreated(Date dateCreated)
    • getLastUpdated

      public Date getLastUpdated()
    • setLastUpdated

      public void setLastUpdated(Date lastUpdated)
    • getActive

      public Boolean getActive()
    • setActive

      public void setActive(Boolean active)
    • getSticky

      public Boolean getSticky()
    • setSticky

      public void setSticky(Boolean sticky)
    • getSslEnabled

      public Boolean getSslEnabled()
    • setSslEnabled

      public void setSslEnabled(Boolean sslEnabled)
    • getExternalAddress

      public Boolean getExternalAddress()
    • setExternalAddress

      public void setExternalAddress(Boolean externalAddress)
    • getBackendPort

      public Integer getBackendPort()
    • setBackendPort

      public void setBackendPort(Integer backendPort)
    • getVipType

      public String getVipType()
    • setVipType

      public void setVipType(String vipType)
    • getVipHostname

      public String getVipHostname()
    • setVipHostname

      public void setVipHostname(String vipHostname)
    • getVipProtocol

      public String getVipProtocol()
    • setVipProtocol

      public void setVipProtocol(String vipProtocol)
    • getVipScheme

      public String getVipScheme()
    • setVipScheme

      public void setVipScheme(String vipScheme)
    • getVipMode

      public String getVipMode()
    • setVipMode

      public void setVipMode(String vipMode)
    • getVipPortRange

      public String getVipPortRange()
    • setVipPortRange

      public void setVipPortRange(String vipPortRange)
    • getVipSticky

      public String getVipSticky()
    • setVipSticky

      public void setVipSticky(String vipSticky)
    • getVipBalance

      public String getVipBalance()
    • setVipBalance

      public void setVipBalance(String vipBalance)
    • getServicePort

      public Integer getServicePort()
    • setServicePort

      public void setServicePort(Integer servicePort)
    • getSourceAddress

      public String getSourceAddress()
    • setSourceAddress

      public void setSourceAddress(String sourceAddress)
    • getSslCert

      public AccountCertificate getSslCert()
    • setSslCert

      public void setSslCert(AccountCertificate sslCert)
    • getSslServerCert

      public AccountCertificate getSslServerCert()
    • setSslServerCert

      public void setSslServerCert(AccountCertificate sslServerCert)
    • getSslMode

      public String getSslMode()
    • setSslMode

      public void setSslMode(String sslMode)
    • getSslRedirectMode

      public String getSslRedirectMode()
    • setSslRedirectMode

      public void setSslRedirectMode(String sslRedirectMode)
    • getVipShared

      public Boolean getVipShared()
    • setVipShared

      public void setVipShared(Boolean vipShared)
    • getVipDirectAddress

      public String getVipDirectAddress()
    • setVipDirectAddress

      public void setVipDirectAddress(String vipDirectAddress)
    • getServerName

      public String getServerName()
    • setServerName

      public void setServerName(String serverName)
    • getPoolName

      public String getPoolName()
    • setPoolName

      public void setPoolName(String poolName)
    • getRemoving

      public Boolean getRemoving()
    • setRemoving

      public void setRemoving(Boolean removing)
    • getServiceName

      public String getServiceName()
    • setServiceName

      public void setServiceName(String serviceName)
    • getVirtualServiceName

      public String getVirtualServiceName()
    • setVirtualServiceName

      public void setVirtualServiceName(String virtualServiceName)
    • getVipSource

      public String getVipSource()
    • setVipSource

      public void setVipSource(String vipSource)
    • getExtraConfig

      public String getExtraConfig()
    • setExtraConfig

      public void setExtraConfig(String extraConfig)
    • getServiceAccess

      public String getServiceAccess()
    • setServiceAccess

      public void setServiceAccess(String serviceAccess)
    • getNetworkId

      public String getNetworkId()
    • setNetworkId

      public void setNetworkId(String networkId)
    • getSubnetId

      public String getSubnetId()
    • setSubnetId

      public void setSubnetId(String subnetId)
    • getExternalPortId

      public String getExternalPortId()
    • setExternalPortId

      public void setExternalPortId(String externalPortId)
    • getStatus

      public String getStatus()
    • setStatus

      public void setStatus(String status)
    • getStatusMessage

      public String getStatusMessage()
    • setStatusMessage

      public void setStatusMessage(String statusMessage)
    • getVipStatus

      public String getVipStatus()
    • setVipStatus

      public void setVipStatus(String vipStatus)
    • getStatusDate

      public Date getStatusDate()
    • setStatusDate

      public void setStatusDate(Date statusDate)
    • getParentInstance

      public NetworkLoadBalancerInstance getParentInstance()
    • setParentInstance

      public void setParentInstance(NetworkLoadBalancerInstance parentInstance)
    • getPool

      public NetworkLoadBalancerPool getPool()
    • setPool

      public void setPool(NetworkLoadBalancerPool pool)
    • getMonitor

      public NetworkLoadBalancerMonitor getMonitor()
    • setMonitor

      public void setMonitor(NetworkLoadBalancerMonitor monitor)
    • getConnectionLimit

      public Integer getConnectionLimit()
    • setConnectionLimit

      public void setConnectionLimit(Integer connectionLimit)
    • getPoliciesHash

      public String getPoliciesHash()
    • setPoliciesHash

      public void setPoliciesHash(String policiesHash)
    • getPartition

      public String getPartition()
      getPartition in class LoadBalancerInstanceIdentityProjection
    • setPartition

      public void setPartition(String partition)
      setPartition in class LoadBalancerInstanceIdentityProjection
    • getLoadBalancer

      public NetworkLoadBalancer getLoadBalancer()
    • setLoadBalancer

      public void setLoadBalancer(NetworkLoadBalancer loadBalancer)
    • getVipPool

      public NetworkPool getVipPool()
    • setVipPool

      public void setVipPool(NetworkPool pool)
    • getAssignedZonePools

      public List<CloudPool> getAssignedZonePools()
    • setAssignedZonePools

      public void setAssignedZonePools(List<CloudPool> assignedZonePools)
    • getPolicies

      public List<NetworkLoadBalancerPolicy> getPolicies()
    • setPolicies

      public void setPolicies(List<NetworkLoadBalancerPolicy> policies)
    • addToPolicies

      public void addToPolicies(NetworkLoadBalancerPolicy policy)
    • getScripts

      public List<NetworkLoadBalancerScript> getScripts()
    • setScripts

      public void setScripts(List<NetworkLoadBalancerScript> scripts)
    • getProfiles

      public List<NetworkLoadBalancerProfile> getProfiles()
    • setProfiles

      public void setProfiles(List<NetworkLoadBalancerProfile> profiles)
    • addToProfiles

      public void addToProfiles(NetworkLoadBalancerProfile profile)
    • getContainers

      public List<Container> getContainers()
    • setContainers

      public void setContainers(List<Container> containers)